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A Demon Within


Rating: 3.4 out of 10
Release date: January 12, 2018
Director: Ayush Banker, Justin LaReau
Writer: Ayush Banker, Michelle Beyda-Scott, Helene Gonze
Cast: Charlene Amoia, Clint Hummel, Patricia Ashley
Genres: Drama/Horror/Romance


A teenage girl and her mama suppose Crestwick will be a great place for them to have a new morning but little do they know, the house they’re moving into has been agonized by an evil demon known as Nefas dating back into the 1800’s. Nefas has fed on the souls of innocent youthful girls and now has a new target. In order to save this teenage girl and her mama , a skeptical, small city croaker is forced to defy his own demons before another girl suffers a horrible fate in his family’s old house. The film was inspired from real events from the 1870’s and has been streamlined to give a fresh perspective on possession and the pure wrong that Nefas has been known to bring.

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