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1. Infested (2023)

Spanish Netflix movies in 2023 start strong with this rural thriller from Asturias that you will like if you enjoyed ‘True Detective’ or the Baztán trilogy. Starring Iria del Río and Isak Férriz, the story is set in the COVID-19 pandemic, during which two investigators have to get to the bottom of the kidnapping and murder of several young people . Of course, in the explained ending of ‘Infiesto’ we have discovered new secrets.

2. God’s Crooked Lines (2022)

How the end of ‘God’s Crooked Lines’ has left us : with many questions, that’s for sure, and perhaps even wanting to read Torcuato Luca de Tena’s classic. This Spanish film, which has one of the best surprise ending script twists in cinema , follows the investigator Alice Gould (played by Bárbara Lennie), who enters a mental institution pretending that she suffers from paranoia to find answers about a case.

3. Emperor Code (2022)

Starring Luis Tosar, this Spanish-brand action thriller will leave you on the edge of your seat with a dose of tension and a labyrinthine plot that hides many surprises. ‘Emperor Code follows Juan, a man who works for the secret services and who develops a complex relationship with Wendy, the Filipina maid who lives in the house of some arms dealers he is investigating.

4. Live is life. The Big Adventure (2021)

Director Dani de la Torre presented this story written by Albert Espinosa and set in the summer of 1985 at the Malaga Festival. With ‘Count on me’ as a reference, ‘Live is life’ takes us to a Galician town where a gang of five friends will undertake a mission to save one of them. As the review of ‘Live is life’ says in FOTOGRAMAS: “in these times in need of magic and mythology, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to look back from time to time armed with the wisdom that distance brings”.

5. To Heaven (2020)

With a series on the way derived from this story, it is a perfect time to revisit ‘Hasta el cielo’, an action film by Daniel Calparsoro and starring Miguel Herrán (‘La casa de papel’) . The story follows a young man who joins a gang of robbers in Madrid after falling in love with a crush on the girl of his dreams. Thus, Ángel begins to quickly climb a pyramid of robberies, black money, shady deals and corrupt lawyers that will lead him to be cornered by Duque, a tireless detective.

6. Three Meters Above Heaven (2010)

One of Mario Casas’ best films and especially the one that launched him to the stardom of teen idols, ‘Three meters above the sky’ is a tale of teenage romance, youthful rebellion and illegal careers . Based on the novel by Federico Moccia and starring Casas and María Valverde, it presents us with the classic case of opposites attracting: the good girl from a wealthy family and the neighborhood thug who will meet to change their lives forever.

7. Monoazidos

Perfect to watch with the best zombie movies (and, and we’re here, the best zombie series of recent years), ‘Monoazidos’ offers us an original, entertaining, hooligan, bloody and also somewhat political proposal. During the years of the Spanish Civil War, combat left thousands dead in the trenches, and when a captain is taken prisoner by the Republicans, something compels them to collaborate together: the dead are rising from their common graves and a war has begun . That requires impossible collaboration .

8. The Impossible (2012)

For a time, the highest-grossing Spanish film in history , ‘The Impossible’ is a visually spectacular jewel with overflowing emotion along with Naomi Watts, Ewan McGregor and a very young Tom Holland. Directed by JA Bayona, and set in a true story that took place in December 2004, the film follows a family that is caught in the aftermath of a tremendous tsunami in Thailand. It is without a doubt one of the best Tom Holland movies .

9. Centaur (2022)

Daniel Calparsoro’s new film is among the best action films of 2022 with this adrenaline-pumping thriller with a lot of gasoline and a cast made up of Àlex Monner, Begoña Vargas, Carlos Bardem, Edgar Vittorino and Patricia Vico. The story follows a young man addicted to thrills and speed who strives to become a professional motorcycle racer , until he discovers that the mother of his son owes a debt to drug dealers.

10. The Perfect Family (2021)

After the success of ‘Carmen y Lola’, Arantxa Echevarría changed the genre radically to direct this comedy starring Belén Rueda, Jose Coronado, Gonzalo de Castro and Carolina Yuste, among others, and which portrays the clash of two families absolutely opposed to each other but condemned to understand each other.

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