Blind Revenge


Rating: 5.4 Out of 10
Release Date: July 13, 2012
Director: Raoul Ruiz, Raúl Ruiz
Writer: Gilbert Adair
Cast: Tom Conti, Daryl Hannah, Miriam Margolyes
Genres: Mystery/Thriller

oveRVIEW – Blind Revenge

Eyeless vengeance- Joe Paul, a distinguished author, dazed in a terrible accident, advertises for an penman, an adjunct to help him with his jotting. He employs the gracious Jane Ryder to be his eyes as he revisits scenes from his history and works on what he intends to be his final number. Jane appears to be ideal seductive, intelligent, unworried by her employer’s abrupt crotchets.

But, gradationally, we come apprehensive that Jane has another docket. Incrementally, Sir Paul’s familiar surroundings are altered. Strange effects be around the house and he becomes increasingly dependent on his new adjunct. Jane plays decreasingly vicious games until their relationship breaks down.

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