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Rating : 6.4 out of 10
Length: 89 minutes
Release Date: July 25, 2014
Directed by: Luc Besson
Genre: Action/Sci-Fi/Thriller



As the movie culture of America has intensified the need for the ridiculous super hero films of Marvel and others,‭ ‬sci-fi movies are sometimes getting a little‭ ‬too close for comfort.‭ ‬That is the case with the new Luc Besson directed picture‭ ‬“Lucy‭”‬.‭ ‬I mean,‭ ‬is she a super hero‭? ‬Is she a god now,‭ ‬or what‭? ‬That‭’‬s probably what a lot of super hero fans are asking right now,‭ ‬but I don‭’‬t really think that is what the film is about.‭ ‬It‭’‬s just a cool science fiction story and nothing else.‭

At the very beginning of the film,‭ ‬Lucy‭ (‬Scarlett Johansson‭) ‬finds herself forced to deliver a case to a group of drug dealers in Taiwan led by Mr.‭ ‬Jang‭ (‬Min-sik Choi‭)‬.‭ ‬They decide she is a perfect subject to implant their new drug,‭ ‬CPH4,‭ ‬into her stomach and use her as a drug mule.‭ ‬Unfortunately for them,‭ ‬Lucy is beaten by her captives and the package breaks loose and releases the CPH4‭ ‬into her body.‭ ‬The new drug changes the way her brain works and opens up doors of perception that have never been opened before in humans.‭

As she gains more and more control,‭ ‬or percent,‭ ‬of her brain she can do things and see things that no other human can.‭ ‬She enlists the help of Professor Norman‭ (‬Morgan Freeman‭)‬,‭ ‬who has been theorizing the possibilities of mankind if our brains were to develop like this.‭ ‬Along with policeman Pierre Del Rio‭ (‬Amr Waked‭)‬,‭ ‬Lucy must get all the CPH4‭ ‬for herself and eventually try to reach‭ ‬100%‭ ‬of her brains capacity.

Was this a good film‭? ‬Yes.‭ ‬Was it great‭? ‬No.‭ ‬The computer animation in the film was so intense that it took away a lot of imagination for the audience.‭ ‬I know that we can expect a lot of CGI in a film like this,‭ ‬but it was just too much.‭ ‬Scarlett looked fantastic,‭ ‬but believing that her character has all the knowledge of the universe inside her head seems a little‭ ‬far-fetched.‭ ‬I did enjoy watching her kick butt with the tilt of her head though‭!

Even though the story is completely insane,‭ ‬it is worth a watch for science fiction fans.‭ ‬I really do appreciate the creativity that went into the story,‭ ‬but I wish they would have chilled out on the special effects.

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