Ring of Fire


Rating: 5.9 Out of 10
Release Date: May 27, 2013
Director: Allison Anders
Writer: John Carter Cash, Richard Friedenberg
Cast: Jewel, Matt Ross, John Doe
Genres: Biography/Music/Romance

oveRVIEW – Ring of Fire

RING OF FIRE Part ONE- When an oil painting carriage causes a stormy eruption in a small city, it’s not just an insulated event — as environmental activist Emily Booth and former oil painting company critic Matthew Cooper fear. It’s just the first in a series that could prompt the dangerous Ring of Fire that contains utmost of the world’s tinderboxes. Before the earth is swallowed whole by a cataclysmic series of eruptions, only Matthew knows how to stop it. It’s a self-murder charge, but the only volition is an extermination position Event. The end of the world.

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