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Movie details

Rating: 3 out of 5
throughout, language and brief nudity)
Length: 117 minutes
Release Date: June 22, 1990
Directed by: Irvin Kershner
Genre: Action/Thriller/Sci-Fi


Overview – RoboCop 2

“RoboCop 2” continues after the events of the first movie, but it’s not necessary to watch “RoboCop” in order to follow the story in this film. Irvin Kershner’s deft direction of the action quickly brings you up to speed on what’s going on in this fictional depiction of Detroit. It’s a poor, crime-ridden city with a dangerous drug known as “nuke” circulating on the streets. In the previous film, a fictional megacorporation called Omni Consumer Products (OCP) created RoboCop (Peter Weller).

He’s a cyborg who has the brain of a police officer named Alex Murphy. OCP intended to create a powerful cyborg that would be able to protect the city. However, as we see in “RoboCop 2,” OCP’s plan isn’t working. Crime is still out of control. RoboCop is unable to prevent the spread of nuke, a powerful drug created by a cult leader known as Cain (Tom Noonan). The police are on strike because OCP has cut their salaries. OCP also plans to purchase the city by paying off Detroit’s large debt in an effort to increase its control over society.

An intelligent psychologist named Dr. Juliette Faxx (Belinda Bauer) is desperately working to create a more powerful robot that will be able to save the city. Her first attempts repeatedly fail because the robots she creates end up self-destructing. Every brain she uses isn’t capable of handling its cyborg body and ends up destroying itself.

Through interrogating one of Cain’s henchmen, RoboCop learns where Cain’s hiding. He’s able to capture Cain, but Cain’s teenaged protégé Hob (Gabriel Damon) escapes during a shootout. Hob’s escape is easy as RoboCop is programmed not to attack kids.

While Cain is in custody, Faxx offers him a deal. She will give him an unlimited supply of nuke if he allows her to put his brain into a cyborg body. The only condition is that he must kill Mayor Kuzak (William E. Pugh); Cain accepts the deal. He finds the mayor discussing a sinister plan with Hob.

Hob offers to pay off the city’s debt if the mayor allows him to sell nuke without punishment. Cain bursts in on this meeting and kills Hob; however, the mayor manages to escape. After the chaos, news of the mayor’s deal to pay off the city’s debt with Hob’s drug money in exchange for letting him deal nuke with immunity leaks to the public.

The leader of OCP holds a meeting where he proposes that Cain replace RoboCop with the goal of taking nuke off the streets. However, Cain’s addiction kicks in, and he attempts to steal a vial of nuke that’s on display on stage. RoboCop intervenes, and an epic battle ensues.

“RoboCop 2” is an action-packed film that filled with shooting scenes and explosions. There aren’t many dull moments, and the story almost takes a backseat to the constant violence and action. The special effects are also impressive even though the movie is over 20 years old.

As mentioned, the story continues from the previous film. However, the story in the sequel presents some interesting questions that society might have to answer in the near future. RoboCop was created as a cyborg with a long list of rules he’s programmed to follow to ensure he doesn’t abuse his power. His job is to protect the citizens of the Detroit and prevent crime. Is this something society should consider if technology makes it possible?

Due to the many action scenes, the actors don’t have much time for long monologues. That being said, the actors do a good job of playing their roles and making the film fun and exciting. This movie’s great to watch when you’re in the mood for something enjoyable but don’t want to think too much. The plot isn’t complicated, and there’s no hidden meaning or message behind the film. It’s just a very violent and straightforward action film you can sit back and enjoy.

Unlike the original, highly acclaimed “RoboCop,” this film strictly focuses on action. The previous film had some dramatic elements and was slightly more thought provoking, but still extremely bloody and violent. It’s always hard to produce a sequel, especially for a film that was so well received. Kershner made a strong effort with “RoboCop 2” and created a movie that’s worth watching. This movie is recommended if you liked “RoboCop” or are a fan of action films.

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