Spirit Riders 


Rating: 4.7 Out of 10
Release Date: May 9, 2015
Director: Brian T. Jaynes
Writer: David Wilson
Cast: Jennifer Davidson, Maddy Davidson, Lance Henriksen, C. Thomas Howell, Kim Jackson Davis
Genres: Family/Drama

oveRVIEW – Spirit Riders 

In this touching family drama, Kacie Lewis( Allie Deberry) is a rebellious 17- yr-old girl who’s floundering with guilt and wrath fullness after witnessing the death of her youngish family. When Kacie is arrested and doomed to a work- release program at Spirit Riders, an equine remedy camp for impaired and physically challenged youths she finds herself out of her element and having trouble conforming to the rules. She finds a kindred spirit in Blaze, a retired racehorse having difficulty conforming to his new tamed life. Under the guidance of Rex( Lance Henriksen), the no- gibberish proprietor of the estate, Kacie help sre-train Blaze and in the process learns to let go of the history forgive and set her spirit free.

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