The Pirate (God Loves Caviar)


Rating: 5.9 Out of 10
Release Date: October 11, 2012
Director: Yannis Smaragdis
Writer: Panagiotis Pashidis, Jackie Pavlenko, Yannis Smaragdis
Cast: Sebastian Koch, Catherine Deneuve , Evgeniy Stychkin, John Cleese
Genres: Adventure/Biography/Drama/History

oveRVIEW – The Pirate (God Loves Caviar)

The corsair( God Loves Caviar) is the compelling story of IOANNIS VARVAKIS, and his trip from humble Greek corsair to transnational caviar millionaire, with the observance of Catherine the Great of Russia. His wealth and power, still, don’t give him pleasure, and his bottomless ambition only brings suffering, until he gives everything down, including himself, in the name of love. This grand tale, grounded on Varvakis’ real life, moves from the Greek islet of Psara to the court of Catherine the Great in Russia and the props of the Caspian Sea, and also back to Greece, a country torn by civil war and the fight for independence, during the Revolution of 1821 against the Ottoman Empire.

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