Three Holes and a Smoking Gun


Rating: 4.6 Out of 10
Release Date: March 20, 2015
Director: Hilarion Banks
Writer: Scott Fivelson
Cast: Zuher Khan, James Wilder, Joaquim de Almeida
Genres: Crime/Drama/Thriller

oveRVIEW – Three Holes and a Smoking Gun

19- time-old Jack Ariamehr toils daily as a’ sign incentive’ on the road corners of New York. But under the aspect of the State of Liberty, he dreams of bigger effects– and who wouldn’t? No bone is more apprehensive of this than Jack’s schoolteacher, Bobby Blue Day– anex-Hollywood screenwriter who shows up at Jack’s apartment beforehand one morning eager to talk about Jack’s script. To Bobby’s astonishment,J.F.K. Ariamehr has written the stylish script he is ever read.

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