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OVERVIEW – Spanish cinematic movies

1. Once Upon A Time In Euskadi (1985)

It seems that the summers of 1985 have a special attraction for the cinema, and we also lived one in Euskadi in this great film by Manu Gómez . School is over, the holidays are starting and Marcos and his three friends look forward to the arrival of cool afternoons and bike trips.

2. The Crystal Girls (2022)

Jota Linares, who has already released the film ‘Who would you take to a deserted island?’ on Netflix, returns with this thriller starring María Pedraza, who demonstrates both her interpretive and dance skills. The story (co-written by Linares and Jorge Naranjo) follows a young dancer who is selected to fill the position of the star of the National Classical Ballet, who has just committed suicide.

3. The Silence of the White City (2019)

Based on the novel by Eva García Sáenz de Urturi, this film offers us tension led by some great Belén Rueda and Javier Rey leading the cast . The story, set in Vitoria in 2016, follows a police inspector who must find a serial killer who has been leaving bodies behind for twenty years in the city.

4. I Quit Anytime (2019)

With a trio like David Verdaguer, Ernesto Sevilla and Carlos Santos, what could go wrong? This comedy follows three college friends who, many years later, find themselves unemployed teachers because of the crisis. For this reason, they find the solution to their problems in the research project that Pedro has been working on for years: a vitamin complex that offers, to his surprise, maximum lag without side effects. But first you have to try it, right?

5. 3 More Weddings (2013)

Inma Cuesta wonderfully leads this romantic comedy that navigates between weddings, tears and love affairs with an enviable comic vision. Directed by Javier Ruiz Caldera, the film introduces us to a protagonist who will have to face the weddings of all her exes, with a couple of disappointments in between. So… Don’t miss the cubatas! It is also one of the best Spanish movies on Amazon Prime Video.

6. The days to come (2019)

David Verdaguer and Maria Rodríguez Soto mixed reality and fiction under the orders of Carlos Marqués-Marcet in this beautiful film . A couple in real life, Verdaguer and Rodríguez Soto, used their pregnancy to tell, also in fiction, the story of a couple who are expecting their first child and who must face all the problems, doubts and crises that this entails.

7. Superlopez (2018)

The Spanish Superman had to be like this: a bit of a disaster, not too muscular and more clumsy than heroic . Born in Jan’s comics and transferred to the big screen with a script by Diego San José and Borja Cobeaga, the story follows Juan López (played by Dani Rovira), a guy with superpowers who landed on Earth as a child and who he quickly learned from his adoptive parents that, in Spain, it’s better not to stand out too much if you don’t want your skin torn off. However, circumstances will force him to bring out all the heroism that he carries within him.

8. Crime Wave (2018)

This comedy by Gracia Querejeta follows Leyre (played by Maribel Verdú), a divorced homemaker who must deal with an impossible situation: in a fit of rage, her teenage son has killed his father . Her mother will do everything possible to hide the crime, unleashing a kind of domino effect: one crime leads to another, and another, and another… until the entire city of Bilbao succumbs to chaos.

9. Parallel Mothers (2021)

Penélope Cruz slipped among the nominees for Best Actress at the 2022 Oscars and, although she lost it to Jessica Chastain, she left a record of her incredible performance in this Pedro Almodóvar film, possibly her most political story. In it, the director talks about historical memory to heal a country, but also about individual memory to rebuild oneself . Alberto Iglesias’ soundtrack also received a nomination (no win) at the 2022 Oscars.

10. Through My Window (2022)

The phenomenon of ‘Through my window’, the novel by Ariana Godoy, came to Netflix with this adaptation full of new faces and a lot of adolescent romance. Netflix has already confirmed that there will be sequels to ‘Through my window’ on the platform, so we already know that the story of Ares and Raquel will continue beyond everything they go through in this first adventure full of first times, self-discovery and sex.

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