Lethal Eviction


Rating: 4.4 Out of 10
Release Date: March 10, 2005
Director: Michael Feifer
Writer: Gary Barkin
Cast: Judd Nelson, Jennifer Carpenter, Stacey Dash
Genres: Thriller

ReVIEW – Lethal Eviction

I caught this film on Showtime it’s a tight little suspenser with lots of twists and turns some were egregious, others surely were not. The plot revolves around a run-down apartment structure where the tenants start meeting their makers after a new landlord buys the place. I loved Jennifer Carpenter’s performance( I’d no way seen her ahead), who had the tough job of playing two veritably different binary sisters, one of whom is fully psycho.

Judd Nelson is also a nice surprise as a creepy psychiatrist who moves into the structure. utmost of the characters are intriguing and the story moves snappily. The surprise ending is fully unanticipated I did not see it coming at each. surely rent this film or catch it the coming time it plays on string. Well worth the 90 nanosecond handling time!

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