Rating: 4.4 Out of 10
Release Date: June 24, 2004
Director: Duncan Roy
Writer: Katie L. Fetting, Duncan Roy
Cast: Elizabeth Hurley, Jeremy Sisto, Oliver Tobias
Genres: Romance/Thriller


Rebecca Fairbanks is a movie star, a system actress making her first film in three times following a bifurcation with Jake Fields, herco-star in the new film. They are on position in Romania, Jake’s new woman is with him, and Rebecca’s stage mama , Mona, is close by covering Beka’s every move. The film they are making is about a mass killer in Indiana in the early twentieth century, who allured men to her grange with a pledge of marriage. Jake plays the widow’s farmhand, nut, and mate in crime. As Rebecca gets deeper into her part, people around the set launch to die. Who is the killer? Is there a madness to her system?

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