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1. Where Two Fit (2021)

A very extensive cast signed up for this unprecedented orgy, led by Ana Milán in the comedy by Paco Caballero. Suquet, Aixa Villagrán, Adriá Collado , Melani Olivares, Àngela Cervantes, Raúl Prieto and Alejandro Tous were encouraged to enter the couples exchange club where this fun comedy takes place, one of the most watched on the platform.

2. I Love You Asshole (2020)

Directed by Laura Mañá , this Spanish-style romantic comedy has a lot to offer fans of the genre, starting with the chemistry between its leads, Quim Gutiérrez and Natalia Tena . The story follows a guy who has been dumped by his girlfriend just when he was going to propose to her, and on top of that, he has been fired from work and has returned to living with his parents. In this vital catastrophe, he finds the solution to get ahead on the advice of a youtuber.

3. I give you my eyes (2003)

Few films have been able to portray the scourge of gender violence in such a real, forceful and painful way. Icíar Bollaín made the history of our cinema with this film, starring Laia Marull and Luis Tosar , which reflects how a relationship ends up becoming daily torture. It is one of the best gender violence movies on Netflix .

4. Many children, a monkey and a castle (2017)

Those elements that confirm the title of this documentary (many children, a monkey and a castle) are the wishes that Julita Salmerón had dreamed of all her life, and she achieved it. Her son, the filmmaker Gustavo Salmerón , films her hilarious mother in a family search between memories and Diogenes Syndrome. The result is one of the funniest documentaries in recent years, and also one of the best documentaries on Netflix .

5. The Tree of Blood (2018)

Julio Médem directs this film that went unnoticed at the box office, but that critics pointed out as a little gem. Time to check it out on Netflix! Starring Álvaro Cervantes and Úrsula Corberó , it follows a young couple who travel to an old Basque farmhouse where they will write the common history of their family roots. The objective? Create a great family tree where you can discover all the stories that your past hides, all the lights and all the shadows.

6. Seventeen (2019) 

This Netflix original movie mixes ‘road movie’, drama and comedy in a must-have combination. Directed by Daniel Sánchez Arévalo , it follows Héctor, a teenager who has spent two years in a juvenile facility, who is to escape to go in search of a dog that has saved his life. The animal was part of a therapy but it was adopted and the young man cannot accept his departure. Will he be able to find it? 

7. Bluntly (2018) 

What if one day you decide to stop putting up with others and just tell them everything you think in their faces? That is something that the protagonist of this film, by Santiago Seguro , played by Maribel Verdú , has never known how to do , but an encounter with an Indian healer will change things. The remake of the comedy ‘Sin filtro’, by Chilean Nicolás López , is a fun comedy about a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown. 

8. Who kills iron (2020) 

The great Luis Tosar (‘Cell 211’) and Paco Plaza (‘Verónica’) came together in this original mystery thriller with touches of brutal everyday terror. All around the story of a nurse, with a traumatic pause, who is waiting for his first child while he has to take care of the most important gangster in Galicia and endure his two aggressive sons. A story of revenge, hatred and resentment, and the damage that the three of them always do to everyone who embraces them as fuel for their actions. In addition to discovering Enric Auquer (‘Red Sky’), it has an ending that leaves us, well, like its protagonist. We can already count it among the best thrillers in Spanish cinema . 

9. Crazy About Her (2021) 

If you like romantic comedies, you shouldn’t miss this great proposal directed by Dani de la Orden and starring Susana Abaitua (‘Patria) and Álvaro Cervantes . And it is that, although it goes through all the common spaces of the genre, it also leaves a necessary message about mental illness and love. This is the story of a skeptical journalist with love who falls in love with a mysterious woman who, as he discovers, is admitted to a psychiatric hospital. 

10. Subzero (2021)

 The Spanish thriller is experiencing a spectacular moment, and this film by Lluís Quílez is just one more example of it. And a very good one. In it, Javier Gutiérrez plays a police officer who has to transfer a group of prisoners in an armored van, but things get complicated when he is left lying in the middle of the road and under attack by a mysterious and trained man. . Full of surprises and tension in the vein, it is the perfect suspense film for your blanket and movie night. 

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