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Release date: 10 April 2009 (USA)
Director: Jody Hill
Box office: 2.7 crores USD
Screenplay: Jody Hill
Distributed by: Warner Bros., Warner Bros. Pictures
Budget: $18 million


OVERVIEW – Observe and Report

I laughed and had a fun time with it, but I wasn’t sure about the value it had. Upon a second viewing and experiencing the film on Blu-ray I can now honestly say that Jodie Hill’s ‘Observe And Report’ is one of the most challenging comedies.

Let me put it out there that ‘Observe And Report’ is not a film for everyone. Even if you’re a Seth Rogen fan this film will challenge you. Not so. ‘Observe And Report’ is a dark comedy. He serves as head of mall security.

Regardless of Ronnie’s good-natured intentions, he’s an unbalanced mess who is prone to bi-polar spells and, in most cases, lacks common sense. The writer and director of ‘Observe And Report’ Jodie Hill has created a character who challenges audiences ability to relate to; a protagonist who is mentally troubled and a threat to others; but one who is a surprisingly likeable character.

When a flasher starts to terrorize the shoppers of the Forest Ridge Mall, Ronnie realizes that this perverted individual might give him his long-awaited chance to shine and prove himself. He might just even step up to the big leagues and become an actual officer of the law (if he can pass the psych profile that is).

After Brandi (Anna Faris) the make-up counter girl (and Ronnie’s obsession) becomes a victim of the mall flasher, things get all too real for our delusional hero.

Filling out the cast is Ray Liotta as police detective Harrison (and typical hardened Ray Liotta type character). In his first comedic role, Michael Peña takes on the role of Dennis, Ronnie’s second-in-command of Mall security. Patton Oswald and Aziz Ansari also have extended cameos in the film.

‘Observe And Report’ is presented in 2.40:1 widescreen, and the Blu-ray disc uses the VC-1 codec on a single-layered BD25 disc. For a low-budget comedy filmed on 35mm, the film’s transfer looks crisp and clean without any noticeable grain. This is not a bright and sunny film. The Blu-ray transfer genuinely gives the look and feel of the color palette that would be on display in a mall. Given the source, the film transfer looks great- even better than when it was in theaters.

Is ‘Observe And Report’ on Blu-ray worth your hard-earned money? If you’re a fan of the film after having watched it in theaters then I would say this is a must buy Blu-ray. This is a film that will have a growing cult following in the years so if you already love and appreciate it now then invest in the Blu-ray disc. Horrify some and make others laugh-out-loud. ‘Observe And Report’ is a challenging dark comedy but one that I urge anyone on the fence to step up and try.

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