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OVERVIEW – Science Fiction Movies

1. Home (2020)

 What is it like to have it all and lose it overnight? That’s what happens to the protagonist of this original Netflix film, played by Javier Gutiérrez , an unemployed publicist who has to move because he can’t afford his luxury stop and whose marriage is failing. Seeing that another tenant has taken his place (Mario Casas), he enters an obsessive and violent spiral. This is how this thriller by brothers Àlex and David Pastor was created , who demonstrate their management of tension. 

2. REC (2007)

 Spanish terror was never the same again after this successful film by Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza , which used ‘found footage’ to unleash a zombie apocalypse in a Barcelona building. The result is little more than 70 minutes of pure terror, panic and bad vibes that rank among the best horror movies of our time. Maybe from history. Decide for yourselves on Netflix. One of the best Spanish films of the 21st century . 

3. Secret Origins (2020) 

After notable attempts at patriotic superheroism such as ‘Superlópez’, this film is dedicated to those who hide on the other side of the comic book pages: geeks, in the best of senses, who are capable of recognizing when they are in front of a super villain terrorizing the city. The great combination of one of these lovers of pop culture ( Brays Efe ) and a police officer who takes his job very seriously ( Javier Rey ) gives shape to this fun comedy by David Galán Galindo . 

4. Perfect Strangers (2017) 

Remake of the Italian film of the same title, this film by Álex de la Iglesia confronts us with a more terrifying question than any horror movie: would you let your group of friends see all the notifications, calls and messages that arrive on your mobile? ? If you have many secrets to hide, as happens to the cast of this film (formed by Belén Rueda, Eduard Fernández, Ernesto Alterio, Juana Acosta, Eduardo Noriega, Dafne Fernández and Pepón Nieto), you can start to tremble.

 5. The Practitioner (2020)

 Mario Casas gives everything (including his physical health) for this Netflix film directed by Carles Torras , in which he plays an emergency medical technician who suffers a serious accident. From then on, wheelchair user, his obsessions regarding the infidelities of his partner ( Déborah François ) will begin to consume him in an unsustainable way. A thriller that delves into the darkest places of human beings.

6. Pain and Glory (2018)

 The latest from Pedro Almodóvar , as well as a large part of his filmography, is on Netflix for everyone to enjoy. The most personal story of the director of La Mancha participated in the official section of the Cannes Film Festival, where Antonio Banderas won the Best Actor award for playing this film director in the twilight of his life, who looks back and remembers his greatest successes, but also his still open wounds. And we also did that in PHOTOGRAMS through the best films of Pedro Almodóvar .

 7. Your Son (2018)

 Miguel Ángel Vivas infuses this thriller with electricity, where José Coronado becomes a courageous father willing to find those responsible for his son’s situation. An intense film that reflects on the true knowledge that parents have about their children once they live their own lives away from home. 

8. 100 meters (2016) 

Based on a true story, this film by Marcel Barrena follows Ramón ( Dani Rovira ), a thirty-something father whose body begins to fail him. Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and with a terrible prognosis, he decides to face life by participating in the toughest sporting event on the planet.

 9. Kiki, love is made (2016) 

Paco León continues to play the right keys in the cinema after ‘Carmina o reventa’ with this film, which is a complete celebration of love, sex and everything in between. A group of characters try to live with their various affiliations and sexual needs, in a comedy that gives off light, joy and a surprising erotic-festive spirit. 

10. Who would you take to a desert island? (2019) 

An adaptation of his own play, Jota Linares, signs with this film a portrait of the precarious generation, to which he himself has belonged. He does it with four of the most promising young actors in our cinema ( Pol Monen , Jaime Lorente , Andrea Ros , María Pedraza ), and a story where secrets come to light to revolutionize the relationship between four friends from Madrid. 

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