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OVERVIEW – Comedy, and Horror Movies

1. The reconquest (2016) 

Jonás Trueba continues to confirm himself as one of the most promising young Spanish directors. And Frenchified, in a good way. In this film, with many dialogues and few events, two old friends meet again to verify that the flame of love that once united them is still burning. Dying, rather. This is a wonderful portrait of the passage of time, of how things change even if we don’t want them, even if we don’t believe it. A suggestive, sensitive and different film. 

2. Eight Basque surnames (2013)

 It is no coincidence that this film by Emilio Martínez-Lázaro became one of the biggest box office hits in our country in 2013. If something dazzled the public about this romantic comedy halfway between the Basque Country and Andalusia, it is its delirious sense of humor, the charisma of its characters and its ability to connect with a structure that, although not too innovative, works like a perfect gear.

 3. Loving Pablo (2017) 

The latest from Fernando Léon de Aranoa takes us to Colombia, to get a closer look at the life of drug trafficker Pablo Escobar . The Colombian seems to be more “trendy” than ever, with series like “Narcos” and other docu-fictions that we can find on Netflix, but Aranoa focuses on something very specific: the relationship of the drug trafficker with the journalist Virginia Vallejo . For this, he has neither more nor less than Javier Bardem and Penélope Cruz , who already bring chemistry from home to give us some splendid performances.

 4. Veronica (2017) 

Paco Plaza , half of the tandem that revolutionized our horror movies with ‘REC’ (2007), has been the surprise of the season with this horror story based on a true event. The demonic possession of a girl, the spectacular Sandra Escacena , immerses us in the Vallecas of the 90s and, above all, in the deepest fears of adolescence.

5.  Late for Anger (2016)

 The directorial debut of actor Raúl Arévalo could not have been more successful. And it’s what a movie! Antonio de la Torre plays a man who is released after eight years in prison for a robbery, and finds that the idyllic life he had planned to lead with his wife and his son is not going to be like that. A thriller full of sweat and tears that you cannot miss.

6. Faith of ETA (2017)

 An original Netflix production, and presented -not without controversy- at the last edition of the San Sebastian Festival, this film directed by Borja Cobeaga immerses us in the safe house of four ETA members who are impatiently waiting for the opportunity to carry out an attack. But time drags on, the croquettes are very good and Spain advances in the World Cup. An unforgettable comedy. 

7. Skins (2017) 

If you are tired of conventional movies, Eduardo Casanova is going to become your favorite director. With this debut feature, he not only slipped into the Berlin Festival, one of the most important in the world, but also showed that he has a lot to contribute to Spanish cinema in terms of aesthetics, message and diversity of perspectives. This ode to difference, deformities and love couldn’t be better. 

8. The Laws of Thermodynamics (2018)

 Do you like Spanish comedy? On Netflix we find one of the most recent, and also one of the most original and different. Directed by Mateo Gil , it tells the story of a physicist, à la ‘Big Bang Theory’, and his obsession with scientifically proving that his relationship with his ex, an actress and model, was destined to fail from the start. principle. And that, therefore, is not his fault. 

9. The Next Skin (2016) 

The latest from award-winning Isaki Lacuesta , who co-directs and co-writes with Isa Campo , is a mysterious story cooked over a slow fire. Although nothing of fire, the cold of the snowy mountains turns this story of disturbing family reunions and unspeakable secrets into a thriller that is tense and cold as an iceberg (in the best of senses). 

10. Cell 211 (2009)

 Malamadre and company await you on Netflix to remind you why this is one of the best films in Spanish cinema of the last decade. Daniel Monzón , of whom you can also see ‘El Niño’ (2014) on the platform, triumphed with this tense, violent and unpredictable prison story. You will never be able to get this image of Luis Tosar out of your head.

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